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Baby Stuff

This is my current assortment of baby items for my little girl.

To the far left we have not just my first hat for her, but also my first hand spun yarn!!!  I got a lovely drop spindle kit from a seller on Etsy.com (I so wish that I had written down the name of that seller *facepalm*) that included a small bag of lovely alpaca roving.  Given that it was a sampler size bag, there wasn’t much yarn to be had from it, so I took it to the store with me and found thread in a perfectly matching off white and plied the two together.  It turned out to be just enough for a tiny little baby hat!  Pattern was just a simple 2×2 rib stitch.  Hopefully it will fit her for a while since the rib stitch is so nice and stretch.

The middle hat is what little progress I’ve made on my Swirl Hat.  It’s hard to knit tiny like that when you’re in and out of town, and have a migraine for 3 days straight 😛

On the far right is one of the Two Lace Baby Hats done up in a mystery white acrylic yarn I had sitting around from a failed blankie attempt for a friend of mine.  Very fun and quick knit.

At the top of the picture is the first pair of booties I ever knit.  I used Magic Slippers, and some random colored Pattons sock yarn I purchased the day I found out I was pregnant.  My husband was out of town at the time, and I wanted him to be the first to know, problem was he wasn’t going to be home again for 5 more days!!!  I couldn’t handle the suspense, I needed something to keep my hands busy.  Through much trial and error, I knit up 3 of these little booties (the first was scrapped because EW!).  The second my husband got home I gave him a bag with the slippers inside and told him he had to open it before anything else!  He pulled the slippers out, looked at them for a second, then turned to me with a shocked look and just said, “Really?!”  It was perfect, we were both so excited!  I hope I can remember his face like that for the rest of my life, priceless.

I’m still currently working on a semi-custom blankie design for the little jelly bean.  I think I have the yarn I want to use, and I’m fairly sure I know what colors I’m going to dye it, but that will be a post all it’s own.  For now I think I’ll try to finish that Swirl Hat…

Once the real laptop (using the iPad as a last ditch effort) is up and running, I swear the picture will be turned the right way.

The Story of Lazer Sheep

Lazer Sheep came into existence when I was in high school. My friend Steph and I were Juniors at the time. To curb our artists block during art class we frequently drew little cartoons, gave them names and back stories, and generally goofed around.


The Lazer Sheep eventually spawned a whole army of sheep. Good Sheep. Bad Sheep. Sunday Sheep (complete with hot fudge and a cherry on top). Scuba Sheep. Naked Sheep. Dead Sheep (a personal favorite).


A few years out of high school I decided the assorted Sheep needed a public audience. I found a craft fair of sorts and screen printed (poorly) several of my own shirts. Some of them did manage to sell! However they failed in the arena of Etsy.com. I wore my left overs proudly and did get some complements on them, but the Sheep eventually found their way to the back of my closet.


A few years ago I got seriously into knitting with another friend of mine, and we entered another craft fair with knit items under the logo of Lazer Sheep, short-lived as it was. It would seem that craft fairs are a little few and far between in Southern California. It probably also doesn’t help that we are in fact in Southern California where winters dip to a chilly 58 degrees, if we’re lucky! Hand knits for the purpose of warmth are not a top priority.


I have lofty ideas about selling hand dyed yarn on-line (any tips/tricks of the trade appreciated!), under the Lazer Sheep design. The Lazer Sheep remind me of art classes, and doodling for fun. They make me remember a good friend who I’ve long lost touch with. I like their simplicity and versatility. We’ll just have to see where they take me from here…




WIP: Swirl Hat for baby

So this is my current work in progress, the Swirl Hat by Mandie Harrington (as found on Ravelry.com).


I did change-up the size so I could use this beautiful sock yarn that I’d been itching to use (for something other than socks).  The yarn is Socrates Alpaca with a Twist, color #3019.  I’m loving the little flecks of orange in it and the halo it’s getting.

I cast on 112 st (child size if using the suggested yarn) to get an infant sized hat, hopefully.  So far it’s going swimmingly!  It’s my first time using bamboo dpns (Clovers) and I’m really liking them.  I’ve been slowly switching to the bamboo needles since starting to knit lace for my mother’s Christmas gift last year.  I find that they are less slippery, and therefore my lovely alpaca lace from CandySkeins.com didn’t keep falling off my needles the way they did off the metal ones…  but that’s just my opinion.

In super boring news, today I made egg salad (yum!) and I’m now probably going to be going late to work with crazy lady hair.

Computer Illiterate

Still trying to figure this thing out…

I plan on using this space as a knit blog/dye blog/trial and error in the fiber arts blog (please note I am not at all a professional in any of these fields), with a few little journal entries thrown in the mix.

As of right now I am 27, married, 6 months pregnant, and have 4 critters living in my tiny apartment. Current works in progress include (predictably) a baby hat, a blanket for some friends who are getting married soon, and several half knit socks. Hopefully I will get this picture thing figured out soon and can post some details.

If anyone is out there, thanks for checking in (hopefully I won’t be computer illiterate for much longer), and remember to be kind to one another.