Electrifying hand dyed yarns, with personality!

So this is my current work in progress, the Swirl Hat by Mandie Harrington (as found on Ravelry.com).


I did change-up the size so I could use this beautiful sock yarn that I’d been itching to use (for something other than socks).  The yarn is Socrates Alpaca with a Twist, color #3019.  I’m loving the little flecks of orange in it and the halo it’s getting.

I cast on 112 st (child size if using the suggested yarn) to get an infant sized hat, hopefully.  So far it’s going swimmingly!  It’s my first time using bamboo dpns (Clovers) and I’m really liking them.  I’ve been slowly switching to the bamboo needles since starting to knit lace for my mother’s Christmas gift last year.  I find that they are less slippery, and therefore my lovely alpaca lace from CandySkeins.com didn’t keep falling off my needles the way they did off the metal ones…  but that’s just my opinion.

In super boring news, today I made egg salad (yum!) and I’m now probably going to be going late to work with crazy lady hair.


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