Electrifying hand dyed yarns, with personality!

Dying Fail

So I managed to spend some time dying my yarn for the little sheep’s baby blanket recently.  I used the same hot water dying method I showed off recently.  Apparently, not my best decision.

I loved the result from the first attempt with the sock yearn.  I knew that attempting to dye all 4 hanks of a much larger worsted weight yarn would never work in my little pot… but two at a time didn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. Turns out that if I wanted the two hanks to be evenly dyed, this method was a fail…

Dying Fail

The hank on the right was apparently the yarn closest to the top of the pot (I did make an attempt and swirling the yarn so that no one hank would be more on top than the other), and the yarn on the left got only the left over dye that managed to seep down to the bottom of the pot.  *sigh*

I did still attempt dying the other two hanks together (more swirling this time!) and they did seem more even, but the pattern I’m hoping to go with would require all 4 hanks.

I’m going to try over dying the one oddly pastel version of this dye lot and we’ll see how that goes.

In the mean time, here’s a picture of 2 out of 4 of my critters…

Linus and Leah

Leah was not amused that Linus encroached on her snuggle spot.


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