Electrifying hand dyed yarns, with personality!

So I was apparently a little over zealous when it came to the over dying of the odd hank out…

Odd hank out 😛

I thought I was being smart only using 1/2 the amount of dye that I’d used when dying two hanks at a time, but given that the yarn had already been dyed some it turned out to be too much.  Looking at all four hanks now I’m wondering if I could knit them from lightest to darkest and it wouldn’t be too noticeable…?  I think that’s the plan. If all else fails I can always get another pair of skeins and dye them up too.  Then I can over dye the left overs, and have enough yarn of the darker color to do something else with!!!  OK!  Glad that’s decided (I’m still open to suggestions though, but only one’s that don’t include over dying the whole lot of them, I like the others as is).

Now I just have to keep my butt moving on the wedding blanket, due in less than two weeks *yikes!* and only slightly over half way done.

Now bigger, and with more corners!

Until then I can pretend that the baby blanket plan is going to work.  I’ll prove myself wrong when I’m done with this giant thing gift knit out of love.

Who else has giant and seasonally inappropriate summer knits going?


Comments on: "One of these things is not like the others…." (3)

  1. I’m knitting a large wool blanket. I want it done before it gets cool. It’s now gotten large enough to cover my legs as I knit. I can tell you that it will be nice and warm!

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