Electrifying hand dyed yarns, with personality!

20130706-222142.jpgTonight was supposed to be so much easier than this!  I had just gotten my new interchangeable circulars in the mail, but they are the wrong size!!!

As you can see, I am attempting to cope with the cards I have been delt.  Of corse, it is all my fault.  I didn’t double check the size of the dpns I had been using when I ordered my new circulars.  Now, I must keep plodding along on my hat (made of my new hand spun!!!) on dpns that can barley keep all the stitches on.  *sigh*  Guess I’ll be finishing this hat before I head off on our road trip.

On a good note, I’m loving my hand spun!  I got 110 yards out of 1/2 a pound of random wool (can’t remember what it is for the life of me), and I still have another 1/2 pound of hand dyed fluff to spin up.  Unless someone steals this hat from me, that other 1/2 pound may end up in my Etsy shop 😀

What projects are keeping you up tonight?

Comments on: "Well Rats…" (4)

  1. Awesome! I love knitting with my own yarn. I do miss the LYS from time to time though, lol. Spinning is just so addictive.

  2. Oh yeah!! I saw the yarn in another post with a little more light and it is gorgeous!! Congrats!!

    • Thanks! Ya, I haven’t hat the time (or desire to sweat in the sun) to get the hat-to-be outside for a good pic yet. :/

      • Well, it looks great in the photo you have. But I can only see the lights and darks in that one. The colors I see in the finished yarn in the other photo are really nice!

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