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Cupcakes at the OC Fair

So I somehow ended up with a lovely four-day weekend!  I’ve spent a good amount of time on the wedding blanket, including gathering the last of the yarn I will need for it.  I also tried out a new technique of dying yarn (pictures to come) which I loved!  After all that, I baked some cupcakes and met the hubs down at the OC Fair.

My husband is an audio technician and this will be the third year he has worked one of the stages at the fair.  Lots of his buddies from his old shop in San Diego come up for the fair too.  Last year they started a weekly pot luck where each of the guys would cook something (so as to avoid one too many days worth of deep-fried/bacon covered madness).  Most of these guys can really cook!  However I was in the middle of a cupcake baking spree last year, and that became our contribution.

They were not just any cupcakes I might add…  They were boozy cupcakes!  Each themed and filled with a particular drink.  Guinness cupcakes with a whiskey frosting, mojito cupcakes, margarita cupcakes, most of which I found inspiration for or exact recipes for at Cupcake Rehab (awesome blog, lots of fun and tasty stuff!).

This year I was still trying to keep with the theme, even if it was a little less fun since I couldn’t have the drink that matched the cupcake :(.  I found a great recipe for Blue Moon cupcakes, via Pinterest, at The Bitchin’ Kitchin‘.

Blue Moon Cupcakes!

Sadly the frosting melted a bit in my swelteringly hot kitchen (real good day to turn on the oven!  HA!), but they tasted amazing!!!  Very moist, subtle flavor, a little more orange than beer taste to it, but delicious none the less!

After sadly not partaking in the chicken n’ dumplings that were brought (pregnancy aversion to chicken, what can you do?) I took a good walk around the fair while the guys set up for the next act.  It was on this little stroll that I ran into this guy…

Pretty Pig

I thought, “That’s awesome, someone yarn bombed this pig statue!”  Then, I turned a corner…

Pretty Cow

The cow made me think that this must be an official thing.  Sure enough, right next to the cow was a sign, inviting all knitters, crocheters, and yarn lovers to come help bomb that area of the fair grounds at a certain date and time.  I got really excited!  It sounded like a blast!  The sign went on to say that it was a good opportunity to meet some like-minded, wooly friends in the area (which I sadly have very few of).  I took a (poor) picture of the sign so that I could remember the date and time.  Unfortunately for me that date and time had been earlier that morning, and in an unlikely move, I’d taken all my knitting out of my purse, so I couldn’t even just add a little bit to the fencing or something.  Boo.

I walked around and saw a few benches covered, and a flag banner hanging from the trees (made of yarn of corse).  It makes me really want to drop a little yarn bomb somewhere… but where???   If anyone in the OC area would like to join me in a random yarn bombing day, I think that would be amazingly fun!  Drop me a line if you’re interested, and we’ll get this thing set up!