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Ah Ha!!!

I finally have a working computer at home!  Woot!  Hopefully this means I will be coming to you a little more frequently, baby willing.

It’s been a busy few days, but I’m super excited about having gotten our garden together.  Last two springs I had a small container garden outside the front door of our apartment.  It didn’t get much sun, and someone literally tried to take off with the biggest pot that housed my lack luster tomatoes, but I enjoyed having it. This year, with our new apartment, and our tinsy back yard (that actually gets sun!), I was supper excited to bust out all my containers and plant something!

It's not much, but it's mine

It’s not much, but it’s mine

Those tall things in the window box are green onions.  We took the root bases, cut from some store-bought green onions, nearly two years ago!, and planted them.  We haven’t had to buy green onions since, and they taste amazing!  (They also seem to thrive on neglect.)

We got so overzealous picking out plants, that we had to come up with a creative container for all the cilantro we had.

Cracked storage bin?  You bet!

Cracked storage bin? You bet!

I’ll be super excited to get an actual harvest this year.  Years past we’ve gotten nothing more than a few sad tomatoes.

I did include two different kinds of tomatoes this year.  A Queen Heirloom, and something called a “patio tomato.”

Clockwise from the top: Basil, lush looking Patio Tomato, Heirloom, and more Basil.

Clockwise from the top: Basil, lush looking Patio Tomato, Heirloom, and more Basil.



The Swiss Chard looked a little sad, but after planting and a bit of water, they perked right up!

Such pretty colors!

Such pretty colors!



Sweet little Strawberries

Sweet little Strawberries

Of corse, throughout the planting I had a certain kitty trying to prematurely eat all the plants.  She’s why we can’t have any houseplants :/


Leah, my ever present helper

Leah, my ever-present helper

Anyone planting anything good this spring?  Or are you just hoping to dig out of the snow soon?







I had planned on posting a bunch this week.  I had done stuff!  I had pictures!  I even had a finished object for crying out loud!!!  Sadly, I also had food poisoning.  Nothing stifles productivity like your insides trying to escape :/

We started out the week having some good, clean, family fun.  We keep alternating between winter (our version of winter any way. ” Ooo, it’s only 60 out, better bundle up!”) and summer here.  Apparently we don’t get spring this year.  Anyway, on one of the warmer evenings we decided to pack Little Sheep’s blanket and head to the park with the beagles.

H. G. Hankle, always on the look out over Little Sheep :)

H. G. Hankle, always on the look out over Little Sheep 🙂

We even decided to let Little Sheep check out the grass for the first time.

Not sure the grass was more interesting than her tough.

Not sure the grass was more interesting than her though.

Tuesday we had our good friend Liz come into town for a visit.  She’s a super awesome baby person and had fun with LS while I tried to finish up Josh’s “Christmas” scarf before he took off to the frozen north of Toronto for work.  I’m happy to say I was successful!  Although I am ashamed to say that I suck at blocking.  Example:

4am flash photo, not so good

4am flash photo, not so good

I seriously need some blocking wires, and cats who are less interested in alpaca.  I had to pin it out in a separate room and close the door to keep the cats from rolling all over it.  Although maybe letting them once and letting them stick themselves with a stray pin might teach them a lesson… but I doubt it.  They are super stubborn.

Another lousy picture

Another lousy picture

I did really love how it blocked out, and you could finally see the single, manly, cable down the middle.  I was a little disappointed with how it tried to curl back up some once I repined it.  Is there a trick I’m missing?  It’s baby alpaca.  I soaked it in wool wash for a good hour before wringing it out and pinning it.  I had a fan on it to speed up the drying process, but I did let it dry completely before unpinning it and weaving in the ends.  (At 4am in order to send it with Josh on his 6:30am flight.  I must love him or something.)  I got to wrap it around his neck just in time to send him out the door 🙂

Since it’s just been LS and me the last few days, with not a whole lot to do other than work out the food poisoning, I finally got a little more knitting for myself done!  I’m plugging along on my “Baaad Sheep” mini shawl.

Slowly but surly

Slowly but surly

What started out as 10 stitches per row, is now over 150 stitches per row.  I’m hoping to use up the whole ball and get a nice scarf size.  I’m figuring I’m about half way there.  I am loving the make shift pattern it’s got going too.

Close up beauty shot

Close up beauty shot

I can’t wait to wear it!  Hopefully it will be done before the weather warms up too much.  I’m thinking about adding some nice warm weather yarn to the shop.  I’m not a huge fan of cotton, so probably a silk blend of some sort.  I’m totally open for suggestions… hint, hint.


The Blankie is Nearly Complete!

I have finally bound off on the baby blanket!  It’s hanging out in the sink getting a good wash before I lay it out and
(once it’s dry) weave in all the ends.

Baby blanket taking a swim!

Other than that it’s been pretty quiet around here lately.  I caught a cold somewhere and decided to bring it home and share it with my lovely husband (oops!).  Now I’m just hoping that we can kick this thing in the butt before I go into labor.  To that effect, we’ve all been getting as much rest as possible the last few days.

Linus swears this is comfy

Ivy thinks the new rocking chair is just for her

Hank has a cushy retirement

Leah was a little miffed that I disturbed her nap

The hubby + beagle combo, always irresistible

Pictures of an actually finished blanket, and hopefully a free pattern for it should be up in the next day or two… you know… if baby doesn’t decided to interrupt things 😉

Let the Blanket Race Begin!

I’m 35.5 weeks along… and I have about 6 inches done on my baby blanket.  It might be time to panic.

Saw the doctor this morning, and everything is going well, but he did instruct me to keep track of where the closest hospital would be while we are in San Diego this weekend.  As if I wasn’t already nervous enough about getting everything done before the little sheep’s arrival, now I have to worry that she’ll be early and born out-of-town where we won’t have any of our hospital things.

If any of you read The Yarn Harlot (and I’m sure there are others as well) you might buy into the superstition that babies don’t show up until their blanket is done.  I have found this to be true, assuming I started the blanket before the baby showed up in the first place.  The last blanket I made was for a friend of mine.  I was quite late on finishing her little boy’s blanket… but he didn’t show up until a day and a half after the blanket was done, making him nearly a week over due (sorry Lindsey!).

Now I’m not trying to stretch out my pregnancy a crazy amount of time, I’d just prefer her to show up a little closer to the date we were planning on being ready by.  I know we’ll never be truly and completely ready, but I’ve still just got a few (okay, more than a few) things on my list to get done before she makes her entrance.

So, I am plugging long on the blanket.  I have the bottom border done so far, and am about an inch or so  into the body of it.


I’m keeping the heart border all the way around, and that’s about as fancy as it’s going to get.  I’ve used nearly a full hank of my hand dyed Patton’s Classic Wool, in a colorway I think I’m calling Fuzzy Navel (yes a baby blanket made with yarn that’s named after booze is a little odd, but that’s how we like things around here).  I’m hoping through some trial and error to post this pattern up here once I’m done.

In the meantime, here’s who keeps stealing my seat when I’m trying to put up new posts.



*I’m also playing around with picture size… bigger better???

**And still trying to figure out the new camera 😛

Dying Fail

So I managed to spend some time dying my yarn for the little sheep’s baby blanket recently.  I used the same hot water dying method I showed off recently.  Apparently, not my best decision.

I loved the result from the first attempt with the sock yearn.  I knew that attempting to dye all 4 hanks of a much larger worsted weight yarn would never work in my little pot… but two at a time didn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. Turns out that if I wanted the two hanks to be evenly dyed, this method was a fail…

Dying Fail

The hank on the right was apparently the yarn closest to the top of the pot (I did make an attempt and swirling the yarn so that no one hank would be more on top than the other), and the yarn on the left got only the left over dye that managed to seep down to the bottom of the pot.  *sigh*

I did still attempt dying the other two hanks together (more swirling this time!) and they did seem more even, but the pattern I’m hoping to go with would require all 4 hanks.

I’m going to try over dying the one oddly pastel version of this dye lot and we’ll see how that goes.

In the mean time, here’s a picture of 2 out of 4 of my critters…

Linus and Leah

Leah was not amused that Linus encroached on her snuggle spot.