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Ah Ha!!!

I finally have a working computer at home!  Woot!  Hopefully this means I will be coming to you a little more frequently, baby willing.

It’s been a busy few days, but I’m super excited about having gotten our garden together.  Last two springs I had a small container garden outside the front door of our apartment.  It didn’t get much sun, and someone literally tried to take off with the biggest pot that housed my lack luster tomatoes, but I enjoyed having it. This year, with our new apartment, and our tinsy back yard (that actually gets sun!), I was supper excited to bust out all my containers and plant something!

It's not much, but it's mine

It’s not much, but it’s mine

Those tall things in the window box are green onions.  We took the root bases, cut from some store-bought green onions, nearly two years ago!, and planted them.  We haven’t had to buy green onions since, and they taste amazing!  (They also seem to thrive on neglect.)

We got so overzealous picking out plants, that we had to come up with a creative container for all the cilantro we had.

Cracked storage bin?  You bet!

Cracked storage bin? You bet!

I’ll be super excited to get an actual harvest this year.  Years past we’ve gotten nothing more than a few sad tomatoes.

I did include two different kinds of tomatoes this year.  A Queen Heirloom, and something called a “patio tomato.”

Clockwise from the top: Basil, lush looking Patio Tomato, Heirloom, and more Basil.

Clockwise from the top: Basil, lush looking Patio Tomato, Heirloom, and more Basil.



The Swiss Chard looked a little sad, but after planting and a bit of water, they perked right up!

Such pretty colors!

Such pretty colors!



Sweet little Strawberries

Sweet little Strawberries

Of corse, throughout the planting I had a certain kitty trying to prematurely eat all the plants.  She’s why we can’t have any houseplants :/


Leah, my ever present helper

Leah, my ever-present helper

Anyone planting anything good this spring?  Or are you just hoping to dig out of the snow soon?