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A Charitable Kind Of Week

I finally decided to chop off all my hair!  And since I was going to do it anyway, I decided to really go for it and donate my hair to Locks of Love.  They require a minimum of 10 inches (they took 12 of mine!) of hair.  (More specific requirements on their website.)  If you’re considering cutting your hair short for the summer, it’s a great cause that creates real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair due to disease.  Bonus! if you find a salon that supports Locks of Love, your haircut is free!





(Also a sneak peek of my “Baaad Sheep” mini shawl!)

Just before I left for my haircut, two other causes came to my attention.  Apparently this is “World Week for Animals in Laboratories.”  The Beagle Freedom Project has put out a picture to put up on Facebook pages in support of legislation to free these animals.  I fully support their mission, and have gone cruelty free myself, and I would invite all of you to do the same.


Via Beagle Freedom Project:  “The Face of Animal Testing
For the duration of this World Week for Animals in Laboratories we are asking all of our Beagle Freedom Project supporters to adopt THIS PHOTO as your Facebook picture. To recognize those 70,000 dogs still in laboratory cages we are asking you to symbolically take on their identity.”

WEBS is also in a charitable mood.  Now through April 27, 5% of sales will go to The One Fund Boston to help victims of the bombings.  I purchase all my blank yarn from them, and will be putting my next order in this week.  And you should buy some yarn too!  Come on, it’s for a good cause!  (Like any of us needed an excuse to buy more yarn haha.)

So, if you’re feeling charitable too, buy some yarn, hug your pets (and go cruelty free!), and chop off your hair!  It’s all for a good cause! 😀