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Up Past My Bedtime

But it was worth it!  I finally finished my hand spun hat last night!

It’s had itself a bath…



And spent today in a sunny spot to dry out, safe out of the reach of the cats.



With any luck, even with the icky humidity lately, I will have a hat to wear tomorrow ūüėÄ ¬†(Never mind the fact that it’s been at least in the 90’s here lately, and this hat is 100% wool.)

What projects of yours are so good they keep you up at night?

Not Done

Ya, big surprise there! ¬†It didn’t help any that I didn’t realize that Saturday is TOMORROW! ¬†Especially seeing as how the only way I’ve been getting knitting done the last few days has been like this…

Sorry for the bad cell picture, camera wasn't handy :/

Sorry for the bad cell picture, camera wasn’t handy :/

I swear she’s going to learn to knit before she can talk.

I did the math, and it looks like I’ve got about 50 looooong rows to go. ¬†Which seriously sounds like too many. ¬†Then again, I don’t math very well. ¬†I’m also not totally sure I have enough yarn to make it there, and I know that it’s not going to get anywhere near done by morning. ¬†It will probably be 85 and sunny tomorrow any how.

I am probably the slowest knitter in history though, especially considering how long I’ve actually been knitting. ¬†The bum wrist doesn’t help that any either. ¬†With the ever growing Little Sheep to carry around, I’ve been wearing my oh so sexy wrist brace almost 24/7 these days. ¬†I had once found a list of wrist and finger stretches for knitters. ¬†Apparently I need to start those up again. ¬†For now, I’ll just continue on at my snail’s pace.


On a shop note, I’m about to order some more blank yarn to dye up. ¬†I’m trying to decide to get more of the same merino wool/nylon blend sock yarn (which I do love!, but wool during a San Diego summer, not so much), or, to branch out into some more warm weather yarns like silk or linen. ¬†Any suggestions or favorites?

Sweet Freedom!

After an extremely long week, and an even longer wedding day, full of rain and thunder and flooding (by Southern California standards), I am finally free of wedding responsibilities!!!  Woot!  Through all the chaos, we did have a good time and my sister is now happily on her honeymoon.  Did I get pictures of the center pieces I worked so hard on, no.  Did I catch someone in the act of underage debauchery?  Oh yes I did!

Don't worry, it was empty, and she didn't have it but for a second

Don’t worry, it was empty, and she didn’t have it but for a second

So, to reward myself for all the hard work, I started a shawlette! ¬†In “Baaad Sheep” no less! ¬†ūüėÄ



I’m making it up a little as I go. ¬†It will be crescent shaped, and fairly simple. ¬†I’m going to play with the pattern and some graph paper and I’ll hopefully have a pattern up soon.

Loving the subtle color changes of "Baaad Sheep!"

Loving the subtle color changes of “Baaad Sheep!”

Eventually I’ll stop ignoring all my left over Christmas projects, but for now I’m enjoying the nice, bouncy shawl ūüôā

Anyone have any projects that they’re extra pleased with these days?



Now that I’ve aired all my unfinished objects out in the open… I’d really like to skip most of them. ¬†At least until I’ve knit myself a pair of these. ¬†I’ve become obsessed with knitting a pair of baby booties for Little Sheep. ¬†One that she can really wear. ¬†I did knit her a pair, exactly one year ago today. ¬†I had just found out I was pregnant, but my husband was out-of-town for the weekend. ¬†I had to keep that to myself for 5 DAYS!!! ¬†To keep myself from spilling the beans to passers-by, I knit these.



I used a multi colored, wool sock yarn I picked up on the fly from Michael’s, and this easy Magic Slippers pattern from Ravelry.

When my husband finally made it home, I presented them to him, to tell him we were pregnant ūüôā ¬†Still gives me the warm and fuzzies just thinking about it.

Anyway, Little Sheep never really wore those. ¬†I wanted to keep them in good shape, for a scrap-book or something. ¬†Plus they only really would have fit her in October, which is never a terribly cold month in Southern California. ¬†Of corse now we’re colder than some places back East! ¬†50’s during the day, 30’s at night! ¬†Unheard of! ¬†The Californians are freezing out here! ¬†Little Sheep’s baby socks aren’t cutting it any more, so I think I’ll give into temptation and knit the new booties. ¬†For my daughter’s well-being of corse.

Also, I’ve dyed up some wonderfully pink stuff for my Etsy shop, and I can’t very well sell it when I haven’t tried it out myself now can I? ¬†So the decision is made! ¬†Baby Booties! ¬†Colorway “Stuck-in-Gum Sheep”!

"Stuck-in-Gum Sheep"

“Stuck-in-Gum Sheep”

Consider this a sneak peek into the Lazer Sheep hand dyed collection that will be available later this month. ¬†I’m super excited about it! ¬†Every colorway has its own sheep, with its own little personality ūüėÄ ¬†Hopefully I’ll be adding buttons with the individual sheep on them at a later date. ¬†For the time being I just need to finish up a few tiny things on the shop before it’s opened. ¬†Anyone have suggestions for colorways they’d like to see in the future?



Still Plugging Along…

It’s been a busy week. ¬†Preparing for a baby and a major move takes a lot of time and effort. ¬†Thankfully I have an amazing husband who’s doing most of the packing and heavy lifting for me ūüėČ

In and amongst all the packing and finishing up of the baby registry, we have found a little time to spend doing fun stuff. ¬†We’ve been trying to go out on date nights, and spend evenings with friends while our schedule is still our own. ¬†We also managed one last trip over to Disneyland with my grandparents ūüėÄ

Grandma, Grandpa, Josh, and I with the “Storytellers” statue at DCA.

It was a perfect day, despite the heat. ¬†Maybe not so much the heat as the humidity :P. ¬†I have never sweat so much in my life (cute hu?)! ¬†Most likely more a side effect of being super pregnant, and less about the actual weather, but there you go. ¬†And can I just say, my grandparents can hang! ¬†They’re still going on the likes of the Matterhorn and Radiator Springs Racers. ¬†I can only hope to be like them when we are their age. ¬†I myself sat out of those rides as obviously I am going to pop at any given moment.

Speaking of popping, just today I finally broke down and got my wedding ring CUT off, because my fingers have gotten too fat to take it off any reasonable way.  It broke my heart a little, but obviously, it was necessary.


Yes, I do always have short stubby fingers… it’s just gotten worse lately. ¬†Pregnancy during summer = take your rings off early!

The stubby fingers may also be another reason I’m such a slow knitter. ¬†I do however have progress on the blanket to show!

Can’t decide which picture is better (worse?). ¬†The first picture has the more true color, but the second one is just a better set up, and it includes my awesome wrist brace. ¬†Obviously I am still figuring out my new camera and all its fancyness.

I’m hoping to make the blanket 6X7 heart repeats. ¬†So far I’m at 6X5. ¬†That’s some really fast knitting for me, especially since I did have to dye up two more hanks of the yarn after underestimating myself the first time around. ¬†Being off of work for now has provided me with a good chunk of time each day to work on it though, which I’m thankful for, and very much enjoying. ¬†Hopefully the little girl will hold off at least a few more days while I finish up.



This is what it looked like for most of the day yesterday…


It’s rare when a summer storm decides to roll through Orange County, but I love it! ¬†There was even real life drops of water falling from the sky!!!

Most people think of Californians as weather wusses, and it’s true, we are. ¬†Just minor weather like this is big news and has the power to bring major cities to a¬†screeching¬†halt. ¬†The ground hardly even got wet, but there were still people out there breaking out their umbrellas.

This did bring around a nice little cool off, and I wish that meant that I had tackled a few rows on ¬†the wedding blanket, but alas, it was humid as all get out and all I really wanted to do was lay in the rain scantily clad. ¬†I didn’t even manage to spin because everything was just too sticky. ūüėõ

But today is another day!  I have several hours to kill alone in the house before heading off to my 10 year high school reunion (are we that old already?).  Wish me luck!