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Sweet Freedom!

After an extremely long week, and an even longer wedding day, full of rain and thunder and flooding (by Southern California standards), I am finally free of wedding responsibilities!!!  Woot!  Through all the chaos, we did have a good time and my sister is now happily on her honeymoon.  Did I get pictures of the center pieces I worked so hard on, no.  Did I catch someone in the act of underage debauchery?  Oh yes I did!

Don't worry, it was empty, and she didn't have it but for a second

Don’t worry, it was empty, and she didn’t have it but for a second

So, to reward myself for all the hard work, I started a shawlette!  In “Baaad Sheep” no less!  😀



I’m making it up a little as I go.  It will be crescent shaped, and fairly simple.  I’m going to play with the pattern and some graph paper and I’ll hopefully have a pattern up soon.

Loving the subtle color changes of "Baaad Sheep!"

Loving the subtle color changes of “Baaad Sheep!”

Eventually I’ll stop ignoring all my left over Christmas projects, but for now I’m enjoying the nice, bouncy shawl 🙂

Anyone have any projects that they’re extra pleased with these days?


Light at the End of the Tunnel

The wedding is Friday.

That means I have a ton of things to do before then.

It also means that Saturday is mostly my own!

I’m dangling this nice little hank of “Baaad Sheep” in front of me, with the promise of a nice mini scarf/shawl.

I’m resisting the urge to look up patterns for a mini scarf/shawl.

Any suggestions…..?


Ready, Set, GO!

Finally!  Just in the last seconds of January too!

The Lazer Sheep Yarns Etsy Shop is open for business!!!

Super excited, but that’s not what’s been keeping me from posting though 😛 it’s been succulent center pieces,

20130130-214145.jpgA sweet baby hat for a soon to be here baby,


Love the sweet little top!

Love the sweet little top!

Succulent center pieces,

Curtacy of my mom's bridesmaid dress sewing space and my great-grandma's awesome 70's tablecloth!


SAM_0519 SAM_0522and more succulent center pieces.


I’ve been hijacked by the wedding brigade and am also working hard on the shower and bachelorette party prep.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with things here, and maybe even get in some Christmas knitting! (haha)

Hope everyone enjoys the shop, and please let me know if you have any suggestions, or colorways you would like to see 🙂  (It’s sparse now, but more will be added as soon as there’s time to dye up some more yarn.)

Happy knitting!

And Then…. Distraction!

I’ve found myself distracted from my distraction.  My sister is getting married in March and, considering how much of it we’re doing ourselves, it’s crunch time!  I’ve been playing the bad guy to get my sister to make some tough decisions about dresses and decorations (I love her, but she’s having a hard time with the decision-making).  I may have also just hijacked the center pieces…

The center piece hijacking is really our brother’s fault.  He got me a terrarium for Christmas.  Then last week we went to the cute little shop where he got it, so I could pick out my plants.  The shop is called Pigment (the website lists furniture and stuff, but the shop is smaller than that).  It’s super cute and had a ton of terrarium supplies!  I managed to put this together for myself…


(Please ignore my barren back yard.  It doesn’t get much sun, and it’s really only used for the pups to poop in.  We’re trying to change that.)

My sister saw my it and thought it would make a cute center piece, so I ran with it.  She already had a bunch of mason jars, so we’re going to use them to make mini terrariums!  We got a bunch of cute succulents from Pigment, and a handful from Home Depot 😡 to fill in.

I love the variety!

I love the variety!

My sister's favorites

My sister’s favorites

The set of 3 cacti are called "Red Headed Irishmen," ha!

The set of 3 cacti are called “Red Headed Irishmen,” ha!

I might have a slight obsession, which I’m happily passing on to my sister!  😀  Of corse, because of this new obsession, the little booties for the Little Sheep, look like this *blush*




All Caught Up! (For Now…)

Well, I’m plugging along on the baby blanket.  I am not a fast knitter by any means, and my dumb wrist (although getting better, yay!) isn’t helping me be any faster.  I haven’t decided yet just how long I want to make the blanket, but I’m about half way in either case.

Baby Blanket and Duffy 🙂

Here it is posed with a gift from a co-worker of mine, Duffy, in the bassinet we are going to use until we move to a larger apartment after the baby comes.

I’m loving how the yarn is knitting up!  Now might be a good time to confess that I can’t stand self striping or self patterning yarn.  Too predictable in my opinion.  I love how randomly this is knitting up, and yet it’s somehow evenly balanced throughout the blanket.  It looks like I’m going to have to dye up another two skeins before all is said and done.  I’m 37 weeks today, and little girl sheep could show up at any time really, so I’m trying to spend all my free time knitting on the blanket.

Fortunately, free time I now have!  Saturday was my last day working for the Mouse for now.  I’m going to miss it, especially my co-workers, but in all honesty I’m hoping to stay home with my little girl (dying yarn???) if at all possible.  It was a fun job while it lasted, and I’d love to work for them again, but family is first, and I’m having a hard time imagining handing over my little girl to a stranger for part of her days just so I can go sit at a desk.  I guess only time will tell how that one will play out.


Another big milestone… I finally finished off, AND gifted my friends their wedding blanket!

The Happy Couple ❤

Arn’t they sweet!  I was lucky enough to have both of them at my baby shower in San Diego last week.

Here’s a close up of the heart detail…

Since I was late in getting the blanket to them in the first place (their wedding was on Aug 12, my shower, the 26th.  Oops!), and since I was IN the wedding, I used a ribbon from my bridesmaid bouquet to thread through the heart.  I think it was just the touch the blanket needed.  It turned out super cuddly and squishy, and I’m so happy they liked it 🙂


Well, that’s me getting caught up.  I keep thinking about knitting myself a nice slouchy sweater for Fall, after the blanket is done, and probably after my little girl decides to show up.  What are you all working on, or daydreaming about working on as the case may be?


Obviously I’m Slow

At least with my knitting and getting back to the blog.

I did have a few things going that messed with me getting back to the computer though.  August 5 was Josh and my 5 year wedding anniversary, and also baby shower Numero Uno.  It was a long day that involved a mommy convention type thing with a friend and her kids, then a long drive to north LA for the shower.  Only there did my husband and I actually get to see each other, since he’d had to work all morning.

Among the shower gifts, my mom and grandmother brought a camera for us.  Much needed for the baby, but also it can pull double duty here (YAY!).  That is, once I get the hang of it.  It’s a little more complex than my iPhone camera…


Some of my first attempts didn’t turn out so well, but I am getting the hang of it.


Those are pictures of the beautiful (I promise it is, the pictures are just that lousy) bonsai tree Josh got me as an anniversary gift.  A traditional 5 year anniversary gift is wood, and he’d managed to remember that I’ve been eyeballing these little trees for a few years now.  He’s good like that 🙂

In other news…

The wedding blanket is done!  Mostly, and late, as the wedding was on the 12’th.  Still needs a good wash, and since I didn’t finish it in time for the actual wedding I’m going to add some ribbon from my bridesmaid bouquet to it as well.  (Pictures to come.  I need a cat free place to block it out first.)  Almost makes it worth having their gift late, eh? Who needs a heavy blanket in San Diego in August any how?

As promised, with the wedding blanket done, I have a new project!  I finally got started on the little sheep’s baby blanket!

Much swatching and sketching was had…

I am liking how the dye job turned out very much.  I don’t think it will be too over powering for a simple pattern to still be seen in it.  I’m also hoping that the pattern turns out well enough that I can put it up here for others to use once I’m done.

Over the last two days, after all the swatching and working for The Mouse, this is what I have so far…

Not all that much.  I promise it’s more interesting that just plain old garter stitch, it’s just really hard to see it at this point.

As you may recall, my wrist has been acting up due to knitting on a deadline.  I’ve gotten myself a more ridged wrist brace that I now where to bed, when I knit, and throughout the day as I need it.  Knock on wood, it seems to be doing the trick! Also knitting on the baby blanket, with more than just big repetitive stitched like the wedding blanket had, really seems to help as well.  (Any other suggestions for help with wrist pain would be greatly appreciated.  Since I’m 34 weeks pregnant still, no pain meds though.)

Now that I’m able to get back in the loop for a bit… What’s everyone else working on?



More Wedding Blanket


I’m still sweat shopping away on the wedding blanket. It has to be done by Sunday, so I promise real updates and something new after that.

In the mean time, I think the beagle approves of my work so far. He’s going to have to wait for me to finish the baby blanket before he can get one of his own though…

One of these things is not like the others….

So I was apparently a little over zealous when it came to the over dying of the odd hank out…

Odd hank out 😛

I thought I was being smart only using 1/2 the amount of dye that I’d used when dying two hanks at a time, but given that the yarn had already been dyed some it turned out to be too much.  Looking at all four hanks now I’m wondering if I could knit them from lightest to darkest and it wouldn’t be too noticeable…?  I think that’s the plan. If all else fails I can always get another pair of skeins and dye them up too.  Then I can over dye the left overs, and have enough yarn of the darker color to do something else with!!!  OK!  Glad that’s decided (I’m still open to suggestions though, but only one’s that don’t include over dying the whole lot of them, I like the others as is).

Now I just have to keep my butt moving on the wedding blanket, due in less than two weeks *yikes!* and only slightly over half way done.

Now bigger, and with more corners!

Until then I can pretend that the baby blanket plan is going to work.  I’ll prove myself wrong when I’m done with this giant thing gift knit out of love.

Who else has giant and seasonally inappropriate summer knits going?


Beagle Helper


Linus is helping me with the wedding blanket while it’s cool enough to work on it. 🙂