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Bad picture…


Good night!

We made it back home and now it’s time for quality me time 🙂

Back with a full post as soon as I know what day of the week it is.


It’s a trip,


Not a vacation.

If you’ve heard this phrase then you probably know why I haven’t been posting. Between pockets of poor to no reception, and all the traveling and sight seeing we’ve been doing, there hasn’t been much time for anything else. However, the socks are finished (ok I forgot my seeing needles and need to weave in some ends) and I’m working on starting the next project.

I’ll post more when time and reception allow. Hope everyone is having a good summer 🙂


Something about it


As a Southern Californian, I always get a little giddy when I see water. Doubly so if its snow. Even if its far away.

Drove past Mt. Shasta today. Love the drive through the mountains with all the beautiful lakes and rivers.

The socks grow steadily 🙂


350 Miles Down…


A lot more to go!

Last night was our first night camping, and today we’re already on the road for another 6 hour drive. On the up side, my Sea Bands seem to be working and I now have two toes to my pair of socks!


Well Rats…

20130706-222142.jpgTonight was supposed to be so much easier than this!  I had just gotten my new interchangeable circulars in the mail, but they are the wrong size!!!

As you can see, I am attempting to cope with the cards I have been delt.  Of corse, it is all my fault.  I didn’t double check the size of the dpns I had been using when I ordered my new circulars.  Now, I must keep plodding along on my hat (made of my new hand spun!!!) on dpns that can barley keep all the stitches on.  *sigh*  Guess I’ll be finishing this hat before I head off on our road trip.

On a good note, I’m loving my hand spun!  I got 110 yards out of 1/2 a pound of random wool (can’t remember what it is for the life of me), and I still have another 1/2 pound of hand dyed fluff to spin up.  Unless someone steals this hat from me, that other 1/2 pound may end up in my Etsy shop 😀

What projects are keeping you up tonight?


There Has Been Knitting…


In the form of one, ill fitting baby booty :/

Sadly it turns out my gauge was off, so now I get to start over. But there will be no frogging! I have more than enough “Stuck-in-Gum Sheep” in my ball to knit two pairs. Now I just need to find an itty bitty who will fit the first pair 😀


Coming Soon!


Super excited that my Etsy store will be opening this month!!! Now I just need a working keyboard so I can put up real posts…


Happy Merry!


Due to technical difficulties *cough spit up on laptop cough* there haven’t been new posts lately (obviously). However, come the new year there will be knitted things and the opening of my Etsy store! In the meantime, hope everyone had a lovely holiday season, and good luck in the new year!


Welcome Little Sheep!


This is the tiny sweetness that’s been keeping me from blogging (and everything else) for the past few weeks. Little Sheep Olivia! We couldn’t be more thrilled with her ❤

We've also moved! Hopefully the Internet will be up soon and we can get back to semi regularly scheduled programming 🙂


More Wedding Blanket


I’m still sweat shopping away on the wedding blanket. It has to be done by Sunday, so I promise real updates and something new after that.

In the mean time, I think the beagle approves of my work so far. He’s going to have to wait for me to finish the baby blanket before he can get one of his own though…