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Knitting on a deadline stinks.  I have this tendency to get all wrapped up in the project, forsaking all others, working on it at every spare moment, until my wrist just can’t handle the repetitive movement any longer.  I’ve looked up some knitting wrist and hand stretches, and hopefully that will help out some.  

Today is day three with no knitting on the very large blanket which needs to be done by August 12.  Eek!

I have, however, been attempting to work on other things.  One of which does have, yet another, deadline, and the other, not so much.  The non deadline project, which I really shouldn’t even be thinking about right now, would be more spinning.  I have a full pound of that peacock roving, and I’ve barely even made a dent into the first half of it.  I’ve got about 2 “spools” (I use a drop spindle, and therefore have no spools, so I wrap the singles around TP tubes when I fill up the spindle), and just a tad more on the spindle itself.  Not the most exciting, but it is progress.

Deadline project numero dose would me my little one’s baby blanket.  I’m using Patons Classic Wool in Aran and over dying it in what I’ve dubbed my “Fuzzy Navel” colorway.  Tonight was full of such fun things as….  taking yarn out of skein and making it into dyeable hanks!  Woot!

As I still need to order a Niddy Noddy, and/or a Yarn Swift, my dining table became the next best thing.  I used my knitting supply box to make the hanks a little longer.  

Four hanks put together, 2 set to soak and dye.  I also apparently need a larger dye pot for these bigger yarns.  Hopefully some careful dye measuring will mean the 4 finished hanks will match… as much as hand dyed yarns ever match. 


On a totally separate note, Linus and I made a trip out to the local farmers market tonight.  It’s also a sort of street fair with craft booths and live music.  Linus was busy Hoovering dropped popcorn and other snacks while I shopped for this week’s fruit and veggies.

My favorite thing of the summer finally showed up!  Heirloom tomatoes!!!  So tonight I took one of them and chopped it up with an avocado (another delicious market find!), cilantro, lime juice, and a little garlic and salt.  Mmmmm, not a bad late night snack if you ask me.

Now I just have to kill the heartburn (thanks baby) from all the acid in the tomato before I attempt to hit the sack.  We’ll see how that goes